Mr. Derek Mitchell

It’s a pleasure to announce that Mr. Derek Mitchell will serve as the new Director of the Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program (UUHIP) effective August 1, 2011.

For the last nine years Derek has studied and researched inIndia, exploring the causes of social transformation and engaging in strategic planning and evaluation with non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups.

Derek recently served for nearly three years as the Philips Talbot Fellow of theInstituteofCurrent World Affairs. He traveled throughoutIndia, extensively researching the challenges that impoverished communities face through globalization and economic change. This broad exposure has made him a trusted adviser to foundations and research institutions concerned about social and economic transformation inIndia.

With a degree in Religion fromColumbiaUniversityand experience working with the Gandhi Peace Foundation as a Fulbright Scholar, Derek brings with him a spiritual and philosophical understanding of the complexities surrounding social change inIndia. Additionally, Derek has worked with current UUHIP Director, Kathy Sreedhar, for the last three and a half years and has subsequently built close relationships with current UUHIP partners, informing his deep understanding of the program’s approach to social justice and organizational support.

As announced last Fall, Kathy Sreedhar will continue to work for UUHIP in a part-time capacity beginning July 1, 2011 and retire from the UUA on June 30, 2012.

Please join the UUA in welcoming Derek into his new position!


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  1. Laura Nagel

    This is wonderful news! We met Derek on our trip to India earlier this year. He traveled with us as we met with two of Holdeen’s partners, Vidhayak Sansad and also the Self Employed Women’s Association. I know of Derek’s commitment to the work of Holdeen and also his close relationship with Kathy Sreedhar, the previous director. This bodes well for continuity of the program.

    Derek is a wonderful writer. Our travelers had read his account of the hunger strike of Vivek Pandit, founder of Vidhayak Sansad, who has waged a lifelong struggle to combat rural poverty and reclaim lands of tribal people who have lost tribal lands due to illegal practices of developers.

    I am delighted for our association and for the Holdeen India program that Derek will be able to continue his work in India.

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